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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Who should we trust? The professional reviewer or the blogger? And what are the implications for PR Measurement?

An interesting discussion on Radio 4’s Today programme as tonight sees the Oxford Literary Festival debate the value of literary bloggers compared to more conventional critics.Mark Thwaite, writer of the literary blog ReadySteadyBook.com and John Mullan, Professor of English, University College London will be debating whose judgement is more trustworthy when it comes to books…

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Adolescent squabbles in Techie land

Is it just me or is the power struggle between Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, et al starting to look a bit like an adolescent squabble?! I mean, the latest development of Yahoo joining the OpenSocial Foundation is somewhat comparable to the sudden swapping of friendship allegiances amongst teenagers! Although to be fair, given the move creates a fundamental…

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Be careful what you say, write, post, share…

I just read an interesting item on the BBC website which, following my previous post about CGM and privacy issues, illustrates how technology is changing faster than social, cultural and legal practices. In the article – the web, the politician and the prostitute - Alfred Hermida (assistant professor of journalism, University of British Columbia) points out that millions of people…

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Using new media to respond to customer feedback

When I was doing public affairs for Patagonia during the 1990s, we were under constant bombardment by consumers not pleased with our strong stances on social and environmental issues.  I had bomb threats, death threats and people picketing the building.  Back then, I looked to the press for damage control of my corporate reputation, not…

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TiVo and YouTube – social media integration continues

Another step in the direction of social and mainstream media integration.  According to Brand Republic, TiVo, the DVR manufacturer, has struck a deal with Google’s YouTube that will allow US viewers to watch the video-sharing website through their television.   Tara Maitra, vice-president and general manager of content services at TiVo, said: “TiVo’s strategy is to…

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