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Welcome to Felt Tips. As these notes will now be hosted on a WordPress platform it was an opportune moment to knock Watchtower on the head, despite the attractive prospect of thousands of hits from the world’s Jehovah’s witness community. There is always something appealing about a pun, although they sometimes don’t last the test of time. But Felt Tips is just too enticing to pass up on (although ‘collars felt’ might become more appropriate if the FSA decides to enforce its disclosure regime on communications with journalists). Fortunately it also comes with the blessing of the FT’s Alphaville team who coined the argot for a City PR as a ‘felt-collared source’. Close readers of that blog will also know that the phrase is trademarked by M:’s founder Nick Miles. Apologies for the dose of navel-gazing, normal service will be resumed on Monday. In the meantime, you can tell us what you think about the new site over on the Felt Tips blog.

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