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Was James Harding’s resignation the first media Twitter resignation? It was not that he resigned on Twitter, it was the extent to which Times journalists took to Twitter to pay their tributes to their departing editor.  Many observers have commented whether other Fleet Street editors would earn such  support, and it wasn’t just from the columnists who owe the editor more than others for his patronage (although these may be come to be seen as “come and get me” hints in the future).  The undoubted regard with which Harding was held is also given an edge on the realisation that news International has made tentative inquiries – given the assurances the Government required in 1981 –  as to whether the Times and The Sunday Times could be joined together in a seven day operation.

Wapping Kremlinologists had hinted at this back in the summer when Rupert Murdoch chastised James Harding publicly in front of Lord Justice Leveson for the Nightjack exposure.  Murdoch values loyalty highly and the Times’ criticism of News International’s handling of the phone hacking scandal will not have helped matters.  Certainly it is no disgrace for Harding  to join the likes of Harold Evans and Andrew Neil as editors who have fallen out of Murdoch’s favour.

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