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Yesterday saw the opening of The Communications Gallery.  Yes, a gallery space “dedicated to exploring the role, character and importance of communications”.  It resides on the ground floor of the handsome  Westminster town house, Thorney House, that is ellwood atfield’s HQ.  As Ben Atfield observed at the opening party, the distinct industries and disciplines that evolved during the 20th Century – advertising, marketing, corporate communications, branding, media, public relations, public affairs – are all converging.  It is his hope that the gallery will stimulate debate about what constitutes communications in the 21st Century.

The inaugural exhibition explored the topic of authenticity in conjunction with the Press Association.  With image so central to much of communications and the interpretation of authenticity, a selection of photograph’s from PA’s archives posed the question of who wants it, who’s got it and who’s lost it.  There was a vote last night on what the guests thought, but as is the way with all galleries it doesn’t really matter what other people think, it’s what you think that’s important.  So go and make your own mind up – the gallery is aiming to have an open door on Thursday afternoons.  ellwood atfield are also keen to canvas opinion on what future projects the gallery should pursue and are open to possible partnerships.  Suggestions should be sent to ben@ellwoodatfield.com


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  • Jack

    Michael, interesting post; any chance you can link through to the gallery website? I can’t seem to track it down. Ta

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