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Had the dormant volcano Mount Paxman become extinct?  Had the monolith that those media volcanologists ascribed as unpredictable and bad tempered lost its bite.  No.  On Tuesday night it erupted with a “Is this some kind of joke?” with the poor Economic Secretary, Chloe Smith MP, doing her best to withstand the pyroclastic flow of sneers.  It is unlikely that you will have missed some of the tremors set off in the media by this event, but one day on there are very mixed emotions in the media about her fate.  From a purely presentational perspective the Guardian’s  Jonathan Feedland got together with Alastair Campbell to rescript some of the answers Chloe Smith could have given.  However, in the same paper, Michael White  warns of a bullying media, a theme echoed by the Independent’s Joan Smith.  For connoisseurs of this genre car crash interview, Tim Shipman at the Daily Mail has put together an all time list of favourites including that great dental filling interview.

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