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Desk research really comes alive when it can incorporate a qualitative as well as a quantitative angle.  Certainly that is what commends Text100’s recent report Digital Index: Business Leaders – How top FTSE 100 executives are engaged in social and digital media.  The headline figure is that only 3% of the 300 FTSE 100 business leaders they looked at are actively engaged in social media.  What makes the study interesting is the analysis and review of how some of those in that 3% use social media.

For example, on Anne Richards, Chief Investment Officer of Aberdeen Asset Management, Text 100 concludes that she “demonstrates that it’s possible for a senior executive in financial services to use social media without sailing too close to the regulatory wind. She tweets about a broad range of topics including those of personal interest, some related specifically to the asset management industry, and also about issues relating to business leadership, particularly around women in business.”  There are nine other social media portraits which all include spidergrams and word clouds.  The report can be downloaded here.

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