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The economic narrative  ahead of George Osborne’s statement tomorrow is that growth forecasts will be revised down.  However, if there was a ray lightfrom Edelman’s soothsaying Crystal Ball breakfast this morning, from a panel of Ken Livingstone, Sir Roger Carr, Dame Liz Forgan and Economist editor John Micklethwait, it is that the US economy is looking perkier than many had predicted.  Beyond the fiscal cliff the US has been very active in restructuring its balance sheet and with the boost it has had from its shale gas energy policy could have a positive effect on the global economy.

It also provides an excuse to flag up the valedictory note of Robert Phillips, Edelman’s EMEA boss who, although has not been hosting their events recently continued to be welcoming presence, announced his departure at the end of last week.  In a post on his shared blog Citizen Renaissance he gives a typically warmhearted thanks to his colleagues and clear explanation of his future focus which hints initially of a life in academia.

Edelman during his tenure of leadership has been hugely successful so it is worth reminding ourselves of his mantra for leadership: ‘Be Fair’; ‘Do Good’; ‘No Mediocrity’; ‘No Fear’; and ‘No A*?holes’.  Whatever he does, especially on the academic front, it is likely to be highly relevant to the future direction of our industry.  Thought leadership is a phrase that is often devalued in communications by a lack of intellectual ballast but in Robert’s case he walked the talk.  It is certainly worth bookmarking Citizen Renaissance and following @citizenrobert if you want to stay ahead of the wave.

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