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Whether it’s the Iraq War, privatisation, political funding or the financial crisis, David Hare’s plays always try to have something to say about topical issues.  In his latest, Turks & Caicos on BBC2, he even has something to say on …

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Rabbits exiting hats off the endangered list

There were many notable elements to the Budget yesterday, but what stood out the most is that it felt like the least pre-trailed for over 15 years.  The stock market’s reaction to the pensions reforms shows how well guarded these …

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Heroes in myths of their own creation

Like the three norns spinning their fate, narrative runs through so much of communications.  Latterly, corporates have been trying to harness this with the emergence within organisations of ‘storytellers’.  As Andrew Hill points out in his FT Management column is …

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IBP Communication and PR Awards 2014

We know property is an important sector to the comms community as both its leading trade publications are in the Top 10 of most clicked on business-to-business publications in the Gorkana Database, so as part of the general focus on …

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Keeping tabs on a journalist

One of the undercurrents to the digital media revolution has been the shifting balance of power between media brands and the brand of individual journalists.  Generally, it’s the latter that has had the better of this tug-of-war, that’s if journalists …

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BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

Incisive’s BusinessGreen has been running its Leaders Awards for four years now and Felt Tips hasn’t previously flagged up the PR category.  Up for grabs is Green PR Company of the Year gong, currently held by Edelman, which will go …

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The seven deadly sins (& virtuous habits) of communications

There are plenty of ‘how to’ guides for start ups covering every conceivable subject, but for the ultimate how to guide for PR you might choose to hear from one of the top communicators at Facebook.  Fortunately that’s the case, …

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The Press Awards 2013

There needs to be a good narrative for business journalism to feature prominently during the journalist awards season.  In 2012 corporate tax investigations elevated the segment up the pecking order and when the banks were teetering on the brink financial …

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Crowd sauce

“Make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait” may have been the watchword of Victorian novelists, but certainly the first two act as good guidelines to the TED generation of public speakers.  Indeed, they are referenced in a new …

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Extending business TV’s lifespan

One slightly concerning aspect of our briefing with Bloomberg last week was that the latest team to be created within Bloomberg news has been a financial crimes desk.  Apparently they’ve been very busy, but then it is a case of …

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