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“BBC is in the interests of the newspaper industry”

James Harding has had his feet under the desk at the BBC for over a year now and he was anxious to let the Society of Editors know that the Director of News had not spent the time tossing cards …

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Buzziness Insider UK

As promised by Henry Blodget earlier this summer, Business Insider has landed in London.  It comes with a separate website from its US parent and a new team of five reporters (complete with the ubiquitous City AM alumnus) …

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Establishing new media

When you receive a congratulatory video message from the Prime Minister making a joke about the establishment you know you have become part of the establishment.  That is what happened to the politics blog Guido Fawkes at its tenth anniversary …

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The hardest job in PR?

There are plenty of candidates for this role, but one job that is undoubtedly getting harder is as a press officer for the European Commission.  The latest report from the Reuters institute looks at how the media reports the EU

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Media Society at the FT

It is always worth keeping an eye on The media Society’s calendar.  Next month they are presenting an evening event Lionel Barber In Conversation with Phil Harding at the Financial Times’ offices.  Full details are available here and tickets are …

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The PR animal

Hopefully the appointment of a new comms director at Terra Firma will be something that is noted on these pages in due course.  It will be interesting to see who gets the role as a chimera of hybrid comms skills …

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Networking Nation

Perhaps the least sharp elbowed slot in the whole of the broadcast schedule used to be the slot after the World at One. Now instead of the likes of Brain of Britain, after the engorged WATO, comes Networking Nation, a …

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CII Public Interest Awards

There is just over two weeks left to enter the second CII Public Interest Awards.  The appealing thing about these awards is that it doesn’t just assess the quality of a campaign, but the awards recognise those that have really …

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Catching worms

Waking up even earlier to money at 5.15am has had a huge impact on Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up To Money.  The extra quarter of an hour that was bolted on to the beginning of the show back in March …

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Tinker’s times

Amongst the avalanche of books arriving in bookshops on ‘super Thursday’ last week was Lord Bell’s memoirs ‘Right or Wrong’.  Understandably much of the attention has been the episode of his life that will earn Lord Bell a footnote …

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