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The 125

It may be owned by Pearson, but the FT has its own initiative for executive education.  Yesterday saw the launch of ‘The 125’, “a global learning forum for senior executives to stimulate fresh thinking about the biggest financial, business, economic …

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Open season

Robert Peston’s widely reported remarks on PR as the enemy has brought other journalists to the barricades.  Astride the top stands Nick Cohen who in the latest edition of Standpoint opines that PRs are the nearest things to prostitutes in …

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Heading in the right direction

Some interesting numbers from Kensington this morning.  Not from the Mail but the Lebedev titles.  The Standard last year made a £2million profit after just breaking even the year before.  Quite some turnaround from the £30m loss in 2009 when …

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Mobile media influence – 50 subscribers in No 10

“Few places do tradition like Westminster.  For the past three years politicos had a new ritual.  Just before 8.30am – and it had to be just before, to arrive in time for the first Downing Street meeting of the day …

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Camp Alphaville – “Think of a festival, but for finance rather than music”

With perfect timing, just as the Glastonbury weekend hoves into view, a depression is limbering up in the Atlantic after a month of settled weather.  Not to be outdone by this Somerset mudbath, the City is preparing to congregate in …

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Fusion not fission – harnessing the power of agencies

Although our panel event this morning was entitled ‘Collision Course: advertising, digital and PR new world order’, what quickly became apparent was that the result of this collision was a coalescence of disciplines.  This message came through especially clearly from …

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The return of deal comms

The rising tide appears to be lifting all boats.  With the improving economy has come the anticipated pick up in deals and listings.  It also means that financial journalists get to reacquaint themselves with the associated communications of these activities …

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“Don’t know why they make such a fuss about it”

The internet has been alive with compilations of Jeremy Paxman’s best moments, but they needn’t have bothered, as many of them were referenced in his final show last night after the Newsnight host bowed out after a quarter of a …

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Feeder clubs

Just as football clubs get noticed for their youth academies as a batch of talented youngsters all mature together, so do certain trade publications catch the eye for being incubators of business journalists on the nationals.  A rather overextended metaphor, …

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Wanted: authority, fairness and judgement

It’s always good to have a peep behind the curtain at what is happening on the Gorkana Journalist Jobs site.  One interesting position to pop up on Friday is the job spec for the FT’s Editorial Complaints Commissioner.  This …

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