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Comment Awards 2014

John Gapper, the FT’s Senior Business Commentator, picked up the Business Commentator award at the Comment Awards 2014 this morning.  Gapper referred to it as the ‘unethical business commentator’ prize as this year there was also for the first time …

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Spending Power

Shepherd’s, the restaurant within a five minute walk of parliament, wasn’t to everybody’s tastes.  Matthew Norman once gave it one of those car crash restaurant reviews that gain more attention than a rave write-up, but it’s clubby and discrete atmosphere …

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BSME Awards

B2B publishing got a moment in the spotlight  at the BSME awards this week.  Robert Jeffery, People Management, won the Business Brand – Monthly or Less Frequent award.  Felt Tips’ vote, Matthew Gwyther of Management Today, came in runner-up.  Rebecca …

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Half an hour

One of the consequences of Sky News launching their new flagship news review show Sky News Tonight,  co-hosted by Adam Boulton and Sarah Hewson, is that it starts in the schedule in the same 7pm slot as the predecessor to …

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Communications partner

One of the factors you need to bear in mind if you ever join the in-house communications team of a big partnership is that, however well you do, whatever platitudes they say to you, it is very hard to become …

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Seesaw economics

There is a rebalancing going on at The Economist.  In a full page interview with Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait, The Guardian’s Mark Sweney reports, when not querying the future of the FT’s stake in The Economist,  how a 13.5% drop in …

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Spectator Money

Spectator Business never had much of a chance given its ill-fated timing launching to catch the worst of the City’s crash.  The last edition was in 2009 less than a year after its launch, but because it was born out …

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1 London Bridge Street

The events around The Sunday Times Business’s 50th anniversary are drawing to a close with a  shared debate with another semi-centennial institution the London Business School.  As it took place in the Sunday Times’ brand new offices next to …

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“BBC is in the interests of the newspaper industry”

James Harding has had his feet under the desk at the BBC for over a year now and he was anxious to let the Society of Editors know that the Director of News had not spent the time tossing cards …

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Buzziness Insider UK

As promised by Henry Blodget earlier this summer, Business Insider has landed in London.  It comes with a separate website from its US parent and a new team of five reporters (complete with the ubiquitous City AM alumnus) …

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