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Gorkana PR News in New York

2012 can’t close without flagging up a new development in our New York office.  The team there is now posting corporate and financial PR News stories on our sister US website.  There are also details and reviews of our extensive …

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Digital Index: Business Leaders

Desk research really comes alive when it can incorporate a qualitative as well as a quantitative angle.  Certainly that is what commends Text100’s recent report Digital Index: Business Leaders – How top FTSE 100 executives are engaged in social and

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London vs New York

With London’s position as a financial centre under threat, it is important that all parts of the financial community do a thorough audit of their activities to check whether they measure up to the challengers.  In this run up to …

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Times newsroom atwitter

Was James Harding’s resignation the first media Twitter resignation? It was not that he resigned on Twitter, it was the extent to which Times journalists took to Twitter to pay their tributes to their departing editor.  Many observers have commented …

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Pecking order

People often have strong views on the hierarchy of our lists in the journalist database.  Editors first? Desks alphabetically? How should the foreign bureaus fit in.  Perhaps in the Financial Times’ case we should settle it once and for all …

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The four types of crisis

No two crises are the same, but law firm Freshfields has studied enough of them to identify four genres of the corporate crisis.  It’s useful as each type tends to leave a different patina on a company’s share price.  A …

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Inanimate sources

Sky News’ economics editor Ed Conway has been talking to Press Gazette about his trade.  The financial crisis has certainly raised the profile of economics but the stories still need to be sourced.  “The economics beat is not so different …

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British Journalism Awards

Press Gazette’s first British Journalism Awards took place last night.  They are different from the British Press Awards as they aim to promote and celebrate great journalism which is interesting to the public AND in the public interest.  Certainly in …

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Citizen Robert

The economic narrative  ahead of George Osborne’s statement tomorrow is that growth forecasts will be revised down.  However, if there was a ray lightfrom Edelman’s soothsaying Crystal Ball breakfast this morning, from a panel of Ken Livingstone, Sir Roger Carr, …

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The Laffer curve of comms

By a complete coincidence Gorkana has been given behind the scenes accounts of Any Questions? from both the chair’s and from a panellist’s perspective.  Jonathan Dimbleby, who is celebrating 25 years in as chairman of the programme, understands why, …

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