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The Fall of Rome

One of the best email subscriptions is the Morningbriefing email that arrives before nine from the Telegraph’s deputy editor Benedict Brogan.  In a concise and engaging manner it sets out the political agenda, explains the knotty issues and flags up …

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Time to start making popcorn

It is not often, as Nick Robinson told us this morning,  that the Prime Minister and the Deputy PM clear their diaries for two clear days .  They have done this to pore over advance copies of the Leveson Report …

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As the nation’s barbers sharpen their cutthroats in anticipation of  a windfall this Saturday, there is just enough time to admire (and even plead for a stay of execution for) those charity moustaches that have appeared during Movember. Even better …

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Leveraging the value of news

“I think we will see a lot of people fall out of the market.” The body count in business to business publishing is already high since the beginning of the downturn, but Estates Gazette editor Damian Wild thinks other titles …

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The IBP Communications and PR Awards

The International Building Press is in many ways a unique body in that it provides a forum for both national, regional, business and technical journalists, and press relations professionals  involved in the construction, architectural and property sectors.  It is hard …

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In praise of the press trip

With journalists saying that it is increasingly hard to get away from their desks to meet contacts, what with the range of editorial tasks they have to perform, the different platforms to populate and the proliferation of deadlines throughout the …

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The golden rules of Twitter

Here are some Twitter tips to avoid having your collar felt.  Rather like the ten commandments, David Aaronovitch’s ten golden rules in the Times this morning are front end loaded with some of the big points at the front of …

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The challenge of Twitter

There have been a number of jail sentences meted out this year for malevolent Tweets, but legal proceedings against scurrilous Twitter messages has taken on the hue of an inverted class action as Lord McAlpine starts action against all those …

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To the rescue

Could one of the BBC’s senior journalists ride in to save the BBC in its darkest hour?  The likes of David Dimbleby, John Simpson and Andrew Neil have all been mentioned in the press as possible options to bring the …

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Ten year slide

Trust is the is the standard unit of measurement for many in corporate relations.  It is increasingly measured by pollsters who ask simple questions about whether people trust a body or group of people or not.  If you assume that …

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