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24 Hours in British Journalism

Back in February, Press Gazette spent a day collecting the experiences of hundreds of journalists from the British media from print to agency, bloggers to broadcast for a feature 24 Hours in British Journalism.  It ran in the magazine …

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Alea iacietur

“Those who live within the law should have no need of state sanction to operate newspapers,” states the Financial Times’ editorial this morning.  “This is a sound principle. Lord Justice Leveson and the government should beware of overturning it.”  …

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The phone hacking drama has steadfastly refused to move into the City.  Despite the police investigation including hundreds of potential victims, it has appeared to remain very much in the realms of sport, politics and celebrity.  Until this weekend that …

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The public’s interest in public interest

Central to the national debate on the activities of the press spurred by the phone-hacking scandal has been the notion of the ‘public interest’.  This rather amorphous concept has been prodded by the CarnegieUK Trust, which has taken the trouble …

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Worst week

As David Cameron contemplates “his worst week”, he would probably be surprised as to the source of where some of the most measured and analytic advice comes from.  Of course, things go wrong in politics, but when a whole string …

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The Bottle Opener

“Impressive purity, concentration and texture.”  Hmmm, who or what can they be talking about? There’s more. “Not a heavyweight, but rather a well-proportioned, stylish”.  It is, of course, a tasting note by the American critic Robert Parker on the Chateau …

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Comment at The Times makes it three out of four

The Times was the big winner at this morning’s editorial intelligence Comment Awards.  Hugo Rifkind in the media category, political commentator Tim Montgomerie (day job as founder of political blog ConservativeHome), Ann Treneman for her political sketches and Simon Barnes …

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Free press

The news that the Standard has now moved into the black marks a remarkable transformation.  Three years ago when the paper first went free after the Lebedev takeover losses were running at £30m per year.  If nothing had changed then …

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The Communications Gallery

Yesterday saw the opening of The Communications Gallery.  Yes, a gallery space “dedicated to exploring the role, character and importance of communications”.  It resides on the ground floor of the handsome  Westminster town house, Thorney House, that is ellwood atfield’s …

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Times of India?

One of the habits of departing times journalists is to indulge in the Kremlinology surrounding the future  of the Thunderer.  Dan Sabbagh was quickly called upon to dissect the paywall when he left to join the Guardian and now there …

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