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Levy or a tax?

The rescheduling of Radio 4’s The Media Show to 4.30pm on Wednesdays from its old lunchtime slot is still irritating even in this era of podcasts, iPlayers and content on demand.  It’s a shame as the format still works and …

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Comment Awards 2012

The short list for editorial Intelligence’s Comment Awards are out ahead of the breakfast event next month.  This year’s business category pits the FT’s US-based columnist Christopher Caldwell against his UK-based colleague Michael Skapinker and the Standard’s Anthony Hilton.  The …

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Deal Top Trumps

Marketing of financial pr has always tended to the stodgy end of the spectrum. More often than not the exercise doesn’t get beyond the traditional creds pack, so this idea from Pelham Bell Pottinger has pushed the dial back in …

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Earning the right to comment

Will The Sun be looking for a new Business Editor later in the year? It is normally one of the most stable positions in financial journalism.  Steve Hawkes has currently been in position for four years – his predecessor did …

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The Piste2Plage Peloton reached the Med on Saturday afternoon with all seven mountains under its belt – here are some of the highlights.

  • A cycle ride form the piste to the plage sounds like a gentle freewheel to a cold
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Leveson studies

There is always something of a back to school feeling in September, no more so than on Monday when the timetable included a dose of double Leveson courtesy of the first in a series of industry debates arranged by Bell …

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The press we deserve?

The British public would appear to have a fairly dysfunctional relationship with its media.  Open Road and Populus have combined to produce “Power, principles and the press”, another of their pithy well presented surveys that questioned MPs, opinion formers and …

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Another year

This year’s Media Guardian 100 “reflects a year dominated by Leveson”.  Once-mighty media figures have fallen allowing new names to emerge.  This flux created not by a “twentysomething wunderkind in a garage in California but a 63-year-old judge” contrasts starkly …

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Don’t get your door kicked in

Whilst we’re all aware that social media has been busy smashing down the doors in the communications corridor of UK companies and terrifying the bosses at their desks, the IR office has manned the defences with a “ do not …

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Whitehall Cup

One of the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls MP’s favourite photo ops every year is the football match that takes place before his party conference with fellow MPs against a team of journalists. With the calendar for the world of political …

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