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The other side of Hacks vs Flaks

Hacks vs Flaks match days have been great fun over the years, but their primary purpose is as a very successful vehicle for raising money for charity.  The franchise, which now covers football, rounders, netball and cricket, has raised over …

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Silly season wash out

The first two weeks of August has historically been the time of year when the flimsiest stories might make the press.  This year even the strongest risked being spiked unless they had an Olympics angle.  The pages of British newspapers …

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1824 days

There is much reflection in the media that 9 August 2012 marks five years since the wheels came off the market for rendered and reprocessed debt that glistened with far more saturated fat than the health labels promised. 1824 days …

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McKinsey review social media’s benefits

PRs probably spend more time than most managing emails and looking for information online.  Now a McKinsey Global Institute study has tried  to quantify just how much time this all consumes.  “The average interaction worker spends an estimated 28 percent …

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Filling the vacuum

Making money out of reporting on the media appears to have been a tough job in recent times.  The Guardian stopped printing its Media Guardian supplement last year and Press Gazette was close to closure a few years ago.  It …

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In the pink

The pendulum continues to swing towards its online operations at the FT.  Two years ago the ‘pink’un’s’ revenues from content overtook revenues from print advertising and last week it was announced subscriptions for ft.com (301,471) overtook the circulation of the …

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