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Guardians of open journalism

The Guardian continues to fascinate the media community.  GQ did a big feature that was flagged up a couple of weeks ago and there is a similar in depth study in the current issue of The Economist’s Intelligent Life.  This …

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Hacks v Flaks Summer Sports Day 2012

Here’s an announcement from the organisers of the estimable Hacks vs Flaks franchise, but before that two brief observations: it’s on a Saturday (not the Sunday of recent years) and there is a new venue.  The sports day will take …

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Sky blogs go mainstream

One of the upshots of Sky News revamping its website at the end of last month is that its journalists have also had their own blog pages refreshed.  The point is they are no longer referred to as blogs.  Take …

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Twitching curtains

The assorted banks and law firms that line the northern bank of the Thames in the City would appear to be unfazed by the potential threat posed by the prying eyes of the Financial Times’ journalists across the mud and …

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A new media reference library

One of the unexpected treats of the Leveson Inquiry is that it has now become a very useful reference library for modern media studies.  Under the ‘evidence’ tab of the Inquiry’s website are the written submissions of approaching 500 interested …

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Targeting the matches demographic

Demographics are the glaciers in economics: there is no perceptible movement but they make a big impact on the way the world looks.  But when it comes to newspapers, the effects of global warming are also at play.  Regular buyers …

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Briefing the Beeb

There was a good bit of colour at our breakfast briefing with the BBC’s Business & Economics Unit last month.  Our guests were the unit’s head, John Zilkha, and Hugh Pym, the chief economics correspondent, who gave the background to …

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The Rudd show

Andrew Neil, who made such a forceful contribution to our media influence debate abfortnight ago, is spending a good deal of time with PRs at the moment. Later this week he is chairing a debate for Bell Pottinger on press …

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Is the Guardian going bust?

Vanity Fair in New York is very good at its in depth media features, but in July’s edition of GQ there is a similarly colourful portrait of the Guardian.  What Nicky Woolf’s article does best is highlight the paradox between …

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The opening statement

The financial media will be in full feeding frenzy mode this afternoon over Bob Diamond’s appearence before the Treasury Select Committee.  Already photographers and film crews are camped outside Portcullis House in Westminster to catch his arrival at the court …

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