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Newsnight eruption

Had the dormant volcano Mount Paxman become extinct?  Had the monolith that those media volcanologists ascribed as unpredictable and bad tempered lost its bite.  No.  On Tuesday night it erupted with a “Is this some kind of joke?” with the …

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Salon culture

Julia Hobsbawn was extending her network at the Today Programme studios  this morning as the nation’s first Professor in Networking tried to diffuse the “narrative fallacy” that networking was purely “social and frivolous”.  Her ambition is to turn Britain into …

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The asymmetric splits

There’s been plenty of comment on the Wall Street Journal’s story that News Corp is considering a split that would create two companies. One would hold the film and television interests such as 20th Century Fox and Fox TV …

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Online Media

For some awards that celebrate the cutting edge of the media on the net, the website for the Online Media Awards 2012 is distinctly 20th century.  The big winners were the Guardian and mailonline for presumably pushing the boundaries of …

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They’ve still got clout

The YouGov findings for our event last night on the influence of the media are encouraging for anybody concerned about the future role of newspapers in the media market.  The impression they give is that even though the internet may …

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Cannes Lions 2012

There has been much chat that this year the ad agencies have been muscling in on the PR space at the Cannes Lions taking place this week and the lack of UK entries winning awards.  But there is no denying …

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To lose one shareholder vote can be considered a misfortune…

It’s very tempting to start paraphrasing Oscar Wilde in these circumstances, but being on the wrong side of a second shareholder vote in a week was not careless.  Yesterday WPP, which owns just over a 20% stake of Chime Communications, …

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It’s good to care

Typically, the FT’s Lucy Kellaway gets to the heart of the paradox that lies at  the bottom of the Martin Sorrell pay dispute.  In her On Work column today, she writes how she admires his thin skin to criticism exhibited  …

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Tumbling out from behind the paywall

Try to stifle a groan if you think this link to The Times will leave you splattered against a paywall, because the paper has launched a standalone blog outside of its digital fortress.  The free-to-view Tumblr blog showcases contributions from …

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Torch Relay

‘70 days – 8,000 runners – 8,000 miles’ goes the slogan for the torch relay that has now turned at the far end of the course and is heading back to Newham.  Given that people reckon there are upwards of …

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