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It takes two to tango

There’s a thoughtful report out from Cicero this week which dovetails as a frank bit of relationship counseling between the financial services and media communities. In an attempt to move the debate on from the mistakes of the past, Changing

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City A.M. Awards 2012

Applications are now being taken for the City A.M. Awards 2012. They don’t take place until October but applications need to be in by 12 July. The event itself has rapidly become a Who’s Who of the City community …

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Dressing down guide

One of the treats of the fly-on-the-wall documentary of Peter Mandelson’s last days in the Brown cabinet The Real PM?, that came out just over a year ago, was the footage (2.20 in) of his phone call to Times editor …

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Pulling the plug

The American commentator Michael Wolff, a familiar face on Newsnight, is making a career out of challenging the media’s monoliths.  A few years ago he tweaked the nose of the Murdoch empire with his book The Man Who Owns the

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Tips for felts

Welcome to Felt Tips. As these notes will now be hosted on a WordPress platform it was an opportune moment to knock Watchtower on the head, despite the attractive prospect of thousands of hits from the world’s Jehovah’s witness community. …

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Today’s case for more economics tomorrow

It’s not too late to trot off to King’s Cross and catch the second half of the Investor Relations Society conference this afternoon. Other than enticing sessions on how technology is impacting comms and an address by the FT columnist …

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RIP newspapers

Newspapers are no longer. That’s not the idle rant of an upstart blogger but the view of the cheerleader for newspapers, the former Newspaper Marketing Agency which has been relaunched today as Newsbrands. One immediate benefit is that the move …

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Online Media Awards

The Times leads the way in the shortlist for this year’s Online Media Awards with fifteen nominations, which is just as well given that it expects people to pay for it. Unfortunately business coverage does not get its own category …

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New dogs old tricks

It’s “the sort of situation that multinationals’ communications and brand chiefs have learnt to fear”. This is the “modern media relations crisis” that trends globally and in his FT Management column yesterday, Andrew Hill picks over the bones of …

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Levelling the playing field

Twitter has now got 10 million users in the UK, but one of them told a Gorkana breakfast on Friday why it is such a integrated part of his activities. The Sun’s business editor Steve Hawkes identified two key benefits …

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