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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the White House

One of the hardest calls in communications is knowing when to use humour. It’s hard not just because it’s tricky to judge the reaction to a gag but because so much of the response is determined by its telling. It’s …

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Comms on MBAs

The trickle down of management priorities is taking its time to get to the business schools. Whilst McKinsey are saying that half of business leaders have external relations in their top three priorities, research by Reputation Inc has found that …

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Dartboard journalism

The annual circus surrounding The Sunday Times’ rich list is beginning to ramp up. The supplement is due to be published next weekend but as part of the pre-publicity The Sunday Times is beginning to release selected lists. Available from …

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The reputation of reputation

What comes first, a good reputation or a good business? The Economist’s Schumpeter column considered this chicken and egg question last week whilst ruminating on the growth of the reputation management industry. Schumpeter’s point is that reputation should not be …

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The summer season

There is a yawning gap in the sporting calendar between the Hacks & Flaks football & netball matches this month to the cricket & rounders in September. Fortunately it has now been plugged by the excellent City 5-a-side Challenge, sponsored …

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Magazine awards

There are two main awards gigs in the magazine awards calendar. The British Society of Magazine Editors in November and the Professional Publishers Association in June (the fact that they are diametrically opposite each other in the calendar year is …

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