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‘Sharper, smarter’ financier

You can’t have failed to have noticed the Financial Times redesign has landed.  It’s the culmination of the process FT Editor Lionel Barber got rolling in his memo to staff nearly a year ago on the move to one single …

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Robotic journalism

Alphaville have long warned that the robots are coming.  And they really are – they’re coming to do journalists’ jobs.  Radio 4’s Media Show yesterday (12 minutes in) had a slot on how AP in New York was introducing robots …

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Top of the hill

The answer to the fatuous question of who’s the most powerful former comms practitioner has been blocked out by the Prime Minister for a few years now.  As seems increasingly, it looks as though that answer will no longer be …

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The ‘operating system of news’

One tidbit that stays in the memory after the summer break are the comments by the Telegraph Media Group editor-in-chief Jason Seiken that there is an “obsession” among journalists with Twitter. Whereas when it came to generating online traffic for …

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Newsnight manifesto

The lead story in the FT’s Life & Arts section on Saturday was a detailed assessment of the state of the political interview by Newsnight editor Ian Katz.  Given that he inadvertently advertised on Twitter that one politician’s contribution to …

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The grim RIPA

How secure are journalist sources?  Watched over like the knights of the grail, the most hallowed aspect of the scribbler’s trade would appear to be as sullied as Amfortas’ domain.  David Allen Green’s fascinating blog on FT.com explains how RIPA …

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Numbers on the radio

The Clangers are coming to financial reporting. That’s what it will sound like on the radio if veteran business journalist Peter Day has his way.  On Radio 4’s More or Less he bemoaned (9 mins in) how words …

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Bright young things and grizzled consiglieri

Quite a lot happened during August, including the announcement that Huntsworth CEO Lord Chadlington would be stepping down soon at the age of 72.  Reflecting on the news in his Lombard column, Jonathan Guthrie wrote “It is all very shocking. …

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Fingers on buzzers

We have new champions of the Gorkana City Charity Quiz.  Redwood Consulting won the crown last night putting clear blue water of 5 points between them and the 14 other teams – despite a less than stellar performance in the …

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Convergence path

Whether you call it convergence of collision, there’s more evidence to support the growing integration of communications and marketing.  Weber Shandwick today publishes a report which references the emergence of a new set of job titles that is merging communications …

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