Wednesday 25 January 2017
15.00 – 16.00
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Rise of the micro-influencer and the changing face of influencer marketing and PR

Last year influencer marketing came of age in terms of its power and popularity. However, as this rapidly expanding area of marketing and PR continues to evolve, it is becoming more and more competitive and the differences between disparate influencers are becoming more apparent.

Hence the rise of micro-influencers. Some brands and PRs have found that working with more, ‘smaller’ influencers can increase consumer engagement with a brand, or product, in a more diverse, genuine and authentic way. As the larger influencers grow in popularity, working with key micro-influencers, ironically, offers brands the opportunity to engage their audiences at scale and create a thriving consumer community. In this webinar, we’ll find out how they do this and how micro-influencers, themselves, want to be approached.

Join this webinar to hear from Francisco Ascensão, CEO of micro-influencer platform, Youzz,  who will be joined by a micro-influencer to discuss the format, and the best way brands and PRs can engage in this form of communications. Register here.




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