The Huffington Post UK
The Huffington Post UK The Huffington Post UK will be five years old on July 6 and, at an exclusive Gorkana briefing this week, editor-in-chief Stephen Hull, alongside the [...]
At an exclusive Gorkana media briefing with the UK’s largest parenting blogging network, BritMums, this week, co-founders Susanna Scott and Jennifer Howze shed light on [...]
At an exclusive Gorkana media briefing with free weekly health and fitness magazine Coach this week, editor Ed Needham and web editor Jonathan Shannon shed light on the [...]
Describing Quartz as one of the ‘new breed’ of business news media, senior European correspondent Jason Karaian says the title aims to produce content for ‘devices that [...]
Sport and talkSPORT
The launch of talkSPORT 2 this month, along with other new stations from Wireless Group, has been the biggest thing to happen to the station in 20 years, says national radio [...]
Shares, Daniel Coatsworth
“Responsible” and “disciplined” financial reporting is what Daniel Coatsworth, editor of Shares, wants his title to feature and to be known for. Speaking to Gorkana during an [...]
Drapers, Keely Stocker
“Everyone is so passionate about what they do – people have moved up in the fashion industry, but they don’t often leave it.” Keely Stocker, editor of Drapers, the retail [...]
The Sun Travel
Matt Hampton, The Sun’s deputy travel editor, discussed the challenges of creating the diverse mix of content featured in the section - online and off, the “dream” [...]
Stuff, Will Dunn
Stuff’s editor Will Dunn looks to make the tech magazine and its content stand out by focusing on innovation and writing about ‘things to know versus things to buy’, while [...]
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