Why PR should learn to embrace diversity
Warren Johnson, founder of W Communications, says the launch of digital agency fortysix last week at Ad Week Europe has reinvigorated the diversity debate and offered a [...]
60 seconds with Tom Blackwell, EM
Tom Blackwell, CEO at EM, on why there is no such thing as a ‘dull mandate’ in Russia, his admiration for Alibaba’s Jack Ma and the challenge of finding the [...]
What the Panama Papers leak teaches communicators
Jonathan Jordan, Founder and Senior Partner at corporate affairs advisory firm Sermelo, says the high profile revelations and the ensuing media frenzy surrounding ‘The [...]
Agency and in-house environments have much to offer
Agency or in-house? This is a common fork in the road for careers in communications and Sarah Leembruggen, MD and owner of PR recruitment specialist and executive search [...]
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