Opinion: Did Trump create the perfect PR campaign?
Back in July, Lord Sugar’s former publicist, David Fraser, said Trump’s campaign for the US presidency was arguably one of the greatest PR campaigns in recent [...]
Opinion: 10 reasons why working in PR is like fatherhood
Lee Bassin, senior producer at TVC Group, has downed his broadcasting PR tools for five months to tackle the most challenging of roles and take on full-time care of his two [...]
This week’s top trending features on Gorkana News
Your bitesize update on the best PR opinion, interviews, events and insights on Gorkana News this week: Event: Media Briefing with The Economist and The Economist Films At an [...]
Opinion: How PRs can make the most out of branded content
Content is content, right? Not according to research by the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA). You need to understand the difference if you are to make the most of [...]
Opinion: US Vogue vs Bloggers – what it could mean for brands
Jenny Tsai, founder and CEO at influencer marketing platform Wearisma, and a former director at magazine publisher Hearst, says the recent US-based “Vogue vs. bloggers [...]
This week’s top trending features on Gorkana News
Your bitesize update on the best PR opinion, events and insights on Gorkana News this week: Opinion: How to replace ‘hurry sickness’ with creative success Chris Lewis’ new [...]
Opinion: Is today’s corporate affairs director tomorrow’s CEO?
Oskar Yasar, managing partner of Broome Yasar Partnership, explains why communications skills are so highly valued among today’s corporate leaders following the [...]
How communications directors can secure NED roles
Dee Cayhill, director of Cayhill Partners, explains how communications directors can secure non-executive director (NED) and other leadership roles and why doing so matters. [...]
Why healthcare PR is more important than ever
Ruth Wheatley, account director at firstlight PR, tells us how opportunities in PR have been created by the need for expertise in highly regulated and specialist sectors like [...]
60 Seconds with Gay Collins, Montfort Communications
Gay Collins, one of the three founding partners of Montfort Communications, on what she loves about her job, her advice for people looking to get into financial PR and [...]
Why PR should learn to embrace diversity
Warren Johnson, founder of W Communications, says the launch of digital agency fortysix last week at Ad Week Europe has reinvigorated the diversity debate and offered a [...]
60 seconds with Tom Blackwell, EM
Tom Blackwell, CEO at EM, on why there is no such thing as a ‘dull mandate’ in Russia, his admiration for Alibaba’s Jack Ma and the challenge of finding the [...]
What the Panama Papers leak teaches communicators
Jonathan Jordan, Founder and Senior Partner at corporate affairs advisory firm Sermelo, says the high profile revelations and the ensuing media frenzy surrounding ‘The [...]
Agency and in-house environments have much to offer
Agency or in-house? This is a common fork in the road for careers in communications and Sarah Leembruggen, MD and owner of PR recruitment specialist and executive search [...]
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