The Story Behind The Name

In 1994, Alexander Northcott, one of Gorkana’s two founders, was a serving officer in the Royal Gurkha Rifles. He almost didn’t live to see 1995. We’ll let Alex take up the story:

"I was on an exercise with my regiment in Borneo. We were making a swamp crossing. Up to our waists in stinking brown water, snakes everywhere, roots and creepers round our legs, and each man carrying a 135 pound bergen rucksack.

To give you an idea of the conditions, we made 800 metres in ten hours.

Suddenly I tripped on a root and went under the water. I struggled to get up, but my bergen was stuck under a root. I had water in my mouth and nose and I was losing it.

Then my sergeant, who was called Gorkana, reached down and used his kukri to cut me free. He dragged me onto my feet and we got through the swamp.

When Michael and I set up in business 10 years later, we wanted a memorable name that people could trust. Having saved my life, Sergeant Gorkana’s is the most memorable and trustworthy name I know of.

And in Hindi, ‘gor’ means ‘mind’ and ‘kana’ means ‘food’ (Food for thought) - now you know!"