This cloud comms breakthrough will change earned media

This ‘cloud comms’ breakthrough will change PR forever

What you’re about to see will change the way your business does PR and comms forever. But what will really surprise you is how simple it is.

You see, lots of communications teams still depend on a wide range of disparate tools to handle the various tasks they perform each day. They’ll have a database of media contacts, a press release distribution platform, an array of analysis tools and more besides.

These tools generally aren’t designed to work together. And managing campaigns effectively across all of them can be a real headache.

That’s why we created the Cision Communications Cloud®. It combines the very latest earned media technology into a single cloud-based platform – making it easy to design, implement and manage world-class comms initiatives.

But that’s not what’s so revolutionary about this first-of-its-kind comms platform. Because it also gives you the tools to directly measure the business contributions and returns your campaigns deliver – so you can make the case for greater investment in PR and comms.

Go beyond monitoring to measure the true value of your earned media coverage

Monitoring your earned media coverage is essential for understanding its reach and seeing what people are saying about your brand. But it’s not sufficient on its own.

So, the Cision Communications Cloud starts by automatically tracking your coverage across print, digital and social channels:

  • It makes it easy to engage with your audience online and listen to media channels to uncover trending topics.
  • It lets you analyse earned media sentiment, so you can clearly see how perceptions of your brand are changing over time.
  • You can even conduct valuable competitor analysis by comparing this information against your rivals’ earned media coverage.

But that’s just a taste of what’s possible with this groundbreaking earned media technology – because the best communicators go beyond monitoring to measure the true value of their comms programmes.

To compete in today’s media environment, what you really need is to measure the business impact of your media initiatives.

Track customer behaviour with unrivalled accuracy and transform your earned media programs

To optimise your campaigns, you need to know which ones are generating the best results. Insight is the key to increasing your earned media success, influencing your target audience and building business for your brand.

So, the Cision Communications Cloud does more than show you which outlets are driving traffic to your website. It reveals the exact demand generation results and revenue your activities deliver.

These are the same insights that have fuelled rapid expansion in the paid and owned media industries in recent years. Now, with the Cision Communications Cloud, they could soon be doing the same for your business.

With it, you’ll be able to see how effectively your campaigns are generating media coverage, increasing your share of voice and driving sales. What’s more, you’ll have the tools to attribute sales to specific pieces of coverage.

Finally, you can bring your comms up to date and create a detailed picture of the value of earned media for company stakeholders.

This post is an extract from Cision’s new white paper, Why it’s time for CMOs to embrace PR and comms. Enter your details into the form below now to claim your copy.

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