Discover the big reputational risks tech companies face

Discover the big reputational risks tech companies face

Over the past 15 years, the value of technology and tech companies has boomed, both in importance to society and market capitalisation.

In 2002, the Interbrand survey of brand value ranked four tech-related companies as part of its top 10 most valuable brands. Fast-forward to 2017 and seven of the top 10 most valuable brands – including five of the top six – were tech companies.

Given their all-encompassing position in society today, tech companies are more acutely affected by reputational issues than those in other sectors. For example, the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story wiped more than $50 billion off the company’s value, more than some countries’ gross domestic product (GDP).

The nature of the tech sector means that any chink in a company’s armour will be ruthlessly exploited, illustrated by the fate of the likes of MySpace, Napster and Ask Jeeves, among others. As such, the risk of falling brand reputation allowing rival companies to steal market share, even for tech powerhouses such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, is immense.

The reputational risks tech companies face

In Cision’s latest white paper – The biggest reputational risk factors in the technology sector we examine the big issues which threaten the reputation of all tech companies and risk wiping vast amounts of their market capitalisation and share price.

Using Cision’s award-winning insights, the white paper examines the three big trends which threaten reputations in the tech sector to emerge over the past 12 months across various global media sources.

It will then suggest how tech companies can use data to help prepare themselves to respond to these trends in the future to safeguard their value and market share.

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