John Brown founds Don't Cry Wolf

Former Hotwire engagement head founds consultancy

John Brown, Hotwire’s former group head of engagement, has set up comms consultancy Don’t Cry Wolf.

The consultancy will work with “straight-talking” brands to help build affinity with their audiences, providing services around brand strategy, creative and training.

It aims to assist clients working to specific objectives, and as such will not offer business on a retainer basis.

Brown, who is MD of the new business, said: “At the heart of the business is one thing. The truth. We will be happy if people think of Don’t Cry Wolf as the most straight talking and honest bunch they’ve come across in our industry. It runs through our philosophy and is something we believe in.”

He added: “We passionately believe that if the truth is at the heart of every bit of communication our clients put out to the wider world, then audience affinity will quickly follow suit.”

Brown concluded: “We might not be a ‘game changer’ or ‘shake up the industry’– those are phrases that make my butt twitch a little. But we’ll be honest, exceptional and a little bit naughty.”

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