AMEC 2015 stage

Musings from a measurement geek

It’s no secret I’m a measurement geek, and as such I’ve been a little bit excited about the
2016 AMEC summit since London was revealed as the location at the end of last year’s summit in Stockholm.

Ahead of this week’s two day measurement spectacular, starting on June 15th here’s a look back at the highlights of last year, and some of the key things that I (and the rest of team Gorkana/Cision) are looking forward to.

Learnings from ‘15

1. Think ‘Glocal’
A recurring theme for 2015 was the need to balance the needs of central teams with local market practicalities. The Global versus Local balance was also referenced when discussing data and the importance of understanding cultural and gender nuances. Thinking ‘Glocally’ is such an important part of scoping a multi-market solution, as we need to make sure that we’re creating a service that works for all stakeholders.

2. Ask why
We love data, but are we data literate? Experimentation is key! Measurement has a reputation for being for being, well a bit dull, so we need to ask why we do the things we do,and think about what we’re reporting and how. This journey can start with making sure every chart in a report serves a clear purpose and then creating and innovating where possible.

3. Outcomes are essential
Last year saw so much discussion of the importance of Outcomes. I talk to a lot of clients about measuring Outcomes, but a challenge still exists around getting access to data, and then making sure that the PR results are being used somewhere other than our reporting.

I’m hoping to see some great case studies this year that show how this is being actioned.

AMEC 2015 Abba5. Celebrate
How will AMEC top the ABBA tribute group at the Awards Ceremony? Always great when a dance floor gets created once the awards have been handed out!

And this year?

1. The panels
There’s a multitude of great speakers lined up across the two days. In a week when we’ve seen the release of the 2016 Forbes Most Powerful Women, and Hilary Rodham Clinton almost confirmed as the Democratic Nominee for the forthcoming US Election, I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from Diane Scott at Visa, discussing how her team made measurement resonate with senior management.

3. The three wise men
A highlight of last year was the ‘CEO Masterclass’ featuring the acknowledged measurement industry leaders. Last year the three aligned when discussing how it is the insight of people that provides context for big data, and I hope this year’s glimpse into the future of measurement brings with it some interesting factoids (and tweetable statements).

2. A new framework
In a sign that I might be a little too keen (I do have other interests, promise!) I’ll admit to having a favourite Barcelona Principle – “Measurement and Evaluation Should be Transparent, Consistent & Valid”. The launch of the AMEC interactive integrated metrics framework is a great next step for the industry and should help make measurement more accessible to those just getting started.

4. Predictive analytics
This was what the ‘what next’ question of 2015, and I’m keen to see how programmes and conversations have evolved over the past year. And in one last geek moment (sorry!), I’m also looking forward to the new things that will be shared,as the industry gathers together to promote best practice and highlight success.

See you on the Southbank!

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